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    Kerry Robinson

    Tutorials on this Site


    This is a really good site. I have been through Beginner Levels 1 and 2 of the tutorials on it. Is there anymore, I can't seem to find them?

    If not is there any where elsa I can learn for free? I don't want to start taking a class and be the stupid guy. I want to learn all I can first.

    Thanks for the first 2 levels. They were good basic stuff.

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    Re: Tutorials on this Site

    That's odd, I thought I'd replied to this message last week. Sorry about that.

    The beginner camera tutorials are the only ones we have at this stage, although it could be argued that they are actually intermediate-level. If you know all the stuff in our tutorials you certainly won't look like the stupid guy.

    Trust me, I've seen people graduate from film schools without knowing this stuff.



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