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    Video copy protection

    I've been digitizing some VHS material via my GV ADVC300, but I've come across a tape that I have a problem with. Every few seconds the picture appears to loose its luminance element, it goes darker, with only saturated colours visible, as the tape playback is fine and only the captured (and analog monitoring) video is at fault, I think it's some form of copy protection. I can vaguely remember something about these systems, but not how they work. Does anyone have any suggestions about getting around this ?

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    It's possible that a time base corrector would help. I know of some people who had had success doing this.
    Dave Owen

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    there is an "undocumented" feature which eliminates copy guard on ADVC 300
    Just hold down both ADJUST buttons (up+down) for about 10 seconds and it will disable CG for the remainder of the session

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    Hey Larry !
    Thanks for that, pressed the buttons and it worked fine !


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