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    coverted dvd to mpeg now out of sync...

    i used a free program off of the internet, to convert a dvd of my band to mpeg. in the output file, the video is out of sync with the music. are there any free programs out the to fix this? or are there any free programs out there to convert my dvd to mpreg right the first time?


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    Handbreak Works great. it is for mac. If you use a PC i am not too sure
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    i'm using a PC.

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    May I suggest a shareware for you?
    The free software is not good enough for us, and have no after service

    I suggest the ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum, if it appear the synchro problem, you could change the setting of the frame by yourself, it so convenience for us, right?

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    I have not used the program you are testing.
    But I have used others and found the intuitive program WinX DVD Authorworks reasonably well. It not only can change the setting of the frame by yourself but also can chang the back ground music by yourself.
    Enjoying it, very easy to use program. Here is the tutorial:


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