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    recording 2 TV programs at one

    I have previously used my 2 vcrs to record 2 TV programs at once but I have changed the connections so that it will only record one program at a time. What do I do?

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    This may be a little out of range for me as I guess it works slightly differently in different countries, and also where I'm from, the VCR is almost extinct... but I'll give it a shot...

    One possibility is to check the TV box/the source jack where you plug your tv in to get the channels. As the videos are received via the antennae into the tv box (which is a decoder), your channel signals are 'unscrambled' and now visible. So you might just need to tune your VCRs one at a time linked to your tv, whilst getting some kind of a video splitter to split it from the tv box to the VCRs... not sure if I'm making any sense.
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    i think what nagar is saying. Is you need two diffrent sources. one into VCR A and one into VCR B. If you are on cable. a cable splitter from walmart should work
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