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    Re: White Balance

    The standard method is to use a pale blue card to white balance off. These are available commercially - do a Google search for "Warm white balance" and you'll find the most popular options.

    Alternatively, you could purchase some standard coloured cardboard for a fraction of the cost, or try and create your own. Obviously you'll need to experiment a bit to find the right hue and you shouldn't expect the same standard as commercially available products. However with experimentation and practice you might have some success.

    You can also compensate for the green tinge produced by fluorescent light by white balancing off a pale green card. Again, experimentation and practice is the key.

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    White Balance

    Hi there- you mention in your tutorial that it is possible to trick a camera's white balance so that a subject will appear warmer. I guess this can be done by white balancing through a cool/blueish filter or with a cool/blue card? What exact filter should I use for a moderate warming effect?
    I guess im after specific figures as apposed to a general guide - Can you help.

    ps I did not find the area regarding this on your site, could you give me a link please.
    many thanks Phil

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    Nitin Trivedi

    Re: White Balance

    dont try white balance tricks without using moniter cool bluish filter on any tungesten light ie having CT 3200 and through this blue light on white card will make it warmer

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    Re: White Balance

    There has been many a time during OB's when I just couldn't get one of my cameras to match, so got the camera operator to frame something bluish/reddish/greenish to get a warmer/colder tone out of the camera. Play around with it.


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