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    Tutorial 17 Help plz ....Reflections

    Hi Everyone

    I am very new, but am very fired up and excited about learning it all!!!

    I chose tutorial 17 "Reflections" as it looked nice and easy for my first attempt!!!

    and was going great till i got to the part where i add the first video clip.

    In the tut, when he adds the video it lays out like a .flm (all the frames

    showing 1 after the other) but still says its still an avi.

    When i put my video in it is just the whole video , not layed out like a .flm

    What am i doing wrong and why isnt my video laying out frame by frame?

    also, I have a d-link dsc 350 (tiny little cam) and it works in windows movie maker and flash media encoder, but wont work in premiere.

    i just bought cs3 after effects, premiere and photoshop

    wonders if premiere has fazed out my little cam for newer technology

    Please help the noob hehehe

    Thank you very much


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    Hi, welcome to the forum

    Quote: MrStef
    I chose tutorial 17 "Reflections" as it looked nice and easy for my first attempt!!!
    You'll need to go back a step. What tutorial are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean by "tutorial 17". Is it something you found at another website?
    Dave Owen


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