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    what is the best digital video format?

    I have several DVD's which I want to convert to files but not sure which format will retain the exact quality. I want to know whiich is best between MPEG,AVI, MPP4,WMA I understand some formats create lager files that others. All adviace on this subject will be very well appreciated.
    Thank you

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    i would like to point out that you left out a .mov (quicktime) file. This is my choice for the best
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    If you want maximum quality, go for an uncompressed format. If you do that, pretty much any uncompressed format will keep top quality.

    mov is definitely a good one, preferred by a lot of professionals. Uncompressed AVI is also fine but can have issues with codecs.
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    Uncompressed ...

    Uncompressed will yield the best results. Just take into account your storage requirements will do up.

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    It's the video player that counts most....

    The most important factor for digital video format is the player. The one I use is FREE and allows me to switch from normal speed to slow motion then back again. Timeline playback for mpeg doesn't require any editing; so there are no video snippets everywhere. Just the originals.

    See this example...

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    Uncompressed is best. Seems to me that storage room is not an issue anymore these days (1 TB costs about 70 euro). I can imagine that the uncompressed format does not fit on a DVD. You can always try to burn on a double sided DVD or settle for less quality. Just make sure that the original film is uncompressed, so you can go for better quality later.

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    Converting video from dvd to uncomprest is not worth dvd is already comprest dvd is mpg2 format I suggest to convert your dvd to mpg4 XviD or dv avi. With Dv avi you going to get exact quality as dvd.


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