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    Cinepaint, Kino, Cinelerra, And LiVES Are Supposed to be really good programs that were built for professional use on Linux.

    And there are even more like PiTiVi, Open Movie Editor, And Jahshaka Too! (which can also be used Windows,but doesn't work for me )

    In fact, Cinepaint is one of the most popular programs used by the movie industry in Hollywood! (Used by the people who made Scooby-Doo - for example) And may have even been one of the programs Peter jackson used for King Kong (That and maybe Blender...)

    Thanks For that Reply Dave.

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    Forgive my ignorance on Linux platform and programs B_List. I do believe, as you've mentioned, a good spread of stuff offered for video on Linux, but are they on a high/niche learning curve?

    Personal experience while observing a colleague working on Linux, I find their stuff very good for programmers/users who know what they want on TOP of what is available, program it in, and whoala, a brand new way/tool/something in editing.

    PS, when you mentioned the Linux-based software tt doesn't work for you, what are the difficulties you have with them? I'm curious to know. Thanks!
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    I'd say they would have a high Learning curve, But nothing that would take you longer to learn than an Adobe editing program, I'm good at using computers, And since I've been around them most of my life anything short of computer programming I can handle.

    The Windows/Linux Program that I'm having trouble with, Jahshaka, Installs fine but doesn't run when I try to start it, Probably because My new Computer is Vista AND - IS - A - PIECE - OF - CRAP (Well, Its not completely horrible, Its really cos I'd love that damn program to work!) Plus I can't find anyone on any site that knows how to get it working!

    Oh well.

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    Er... I use Adobe stuff.. so does that qualify me as a high learning curve user? Okie just kidding about the latter.

    From what you've mentioned, my guess is that you've spent some time with Jahshaka before migrating to Vista?

    BTW my suggestion for getting a new OS, regardless of Win/Mac, is to wait. Unless you're really eager to get it 'fresh', and end up 'eating the bugs'... wait for patches/plug-ins tt'll help to stabilize the OS... my take.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    I'm waaaaay ahead of ya, Nagar

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    Hahahaha... yes, indeed you are, my friend.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    Using Adobe & Ulead software on a windows XP based pc here but i will not be moving to vista when or if the time comes. Instead i'll be moving to a linux based system. I've already had a play with mephis and knobbix run as live cd's and was quite impressed. Hopefully when the time comes for me to migrate there will be less driver issues and other problems and more software will have linux support.

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    Quote: B_List19
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    Fair enough about the Macs... But does anyone know anything about Linux like:

    Does it work on any old PC, Except Your installing the Linux OS instead of the Windows OS?
    Yup, pretty much.

    Are the programs that are available for it any good?, They look very Capable and I want to know if They actually are (a few of them are Kino, Open movie editor, and there are a bunch others)
    The current audio production tools are amazing. The current video production tools leave a lot to be desired. There are usable video edit systems that mimic the simpler windows edit systems (like the ULEAD consumer line) that work well, but all of the ones that I have had with timelines either have interface issues or crash often as they are early test versions.

    Anything else that could convince me to get hold of such a system to use for video editing,Audio,Anything multimedia .etc?
    The audio stuff is amazing, Ubuntu Studio was just released, a special build of ubuntu with Jack Audio Connection Kit preinstalled (it is a pain to get it working without it being preinstalled)

    (Because if its not worth owning one, I'm just going to stick with Jashaka for the time being!)
    Jashaka runs on linux. It doesn't load on my current system for some reason, so I cannot test it (I plan on trying to compile it myself sometime soon).

    I use Linux for my primary system, but I don't do much editing on my own. When I do, I either boot to Windows or I use the Mac at the station
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    I've used PCs and Macs, professionally and at home, over about 15 years. There are some things I like about Macs, but I really can't see that there is anything about them to justify their price.

    I certainly don't buy that they're superior: Macs and PCs each have their problems, and I've had Macs crash on me every bit as often as a PC. For a long time, they did have far superior monitors, but that is no longer the case.

    I recently had to price a new system for a video editing suite, and after pricing around, comparing specs, etc., I simply couldn't see how Apple could justify asking three times as much for practically a identical machine.

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    PCs all the way. The operate on Logic unlike Macs that operate on love which we all know is unstable and unreliable.

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