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    Hi all! I just stumbled across this site while doing a google search, looking for information about temperatures of lights during interviews. I started reading some of the content and discovered that it's a New Zealand based site! I must say that from what I've read so far, the site it excellent. Well done to all the guys involved.

    Now about me. I'm newish to digital video work and run a relatively new, non profit organisation ( that concentrates on media production for animal rights issues.

    I'm a computer programmer by trade, but want to move out of that field in the next year or two and pay the bills in the media industry in some form (probably sound recording), while I focus more on the non profit organisation - making documentaries etc.

    I've one low budget short film under my belt that I did last year (direct and cowrote/coproduced etc) - interesting experience to say the least.

    I'll have to get back to reading more of the site.

    Talk you you all later.


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    Re: Introduction..

    Just wanted to publicly welcome you to the site Aarn (as well as the private email I sent you). Great to have another Kiwi on board.



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