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    How to add powerful effects to videos

    Hello my name is turbo,i want to know the kind of software and how 2 use in creating effects like fixing another background apart from the original background and how to add 3d,animated texts and graphics and how i can record a person that throw text from his hand.These things bother me a lot.Thanks.

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    Got one word for you: Wax

    This program is able to do exactly what you are asking for plus a couple of other things as well.

    You can check it out at this website:

    It is a cool little program and with a little time and effort, you'll be working digital video magic in no time!

    And - by the way - Its 100 percent free...

    Hope it helps you out.

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    Wax is a decient program. If you are looking for a quick free way to do it, go with Wax. However, it is limited in what it can do. Maya, Cenima 4D, Motion, and Aftereffects can all do the same with diffrent levels of control.
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    after effect, softimage xsl, or w/e comes with avid

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    Ae ..

    After Effects is a great program for video titles. I edit on Final Cut Pro but I have yet to learn Motion. I guess I'm too lazy.

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    For 2d, I use Bahaus's Mirage. For 3d, I use blender and/or Lightwave.
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