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Thread: CCTV via web

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    CCTV via web

    Asume I know nothing about this. I am going to get satelite internet at a multi-building hotel complex. I want to install 15+ camaras for security, to be monitored on the net, but secured. I want to make this place a hotspot, except for the cams. Is this even possible?
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    funny I am going to set up one for my brother, who runs a guard dog security.
    I am looking at a flash communication server, because the down time takes up bandwidth,
    get quotes on servers,
    server installation,
    look for other ways that you can use your server, to off load the cost,
    or set up something that builds traffic , so that you can redirect traffic for marketing
    multi building hotel complex secure- means you have to own the lines- pay for the installation
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