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    Sound technology supports Paranormal reserach

    Hello, Hope my title has gotten everybodies attention. I Began learning about sound nature, behaviour and tecnology applied to it since the very first day I learned and recognized the amazing and extraordinary phenomenon called EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, or commonly known as Psychophony. Well.... I am not Engineer in the field of electronics, nevertheless I keep studying about mics and sound in general to improve my voice recordings at cemeteries. I joined the Media College Forum in order to get in contact with more experienced students, and maybe teachers who can help find solutions to my doubts more quickly.

    If you are reading this message and you know of someone who knows how to get a very easy to manage sound analysing software and knows how to get in contact with experts about correct sound measurent and spectrographic analysis please send a mail to:
    ATT: Manuel Salceda Espinoza founder and leader of the ESS (Exploración de Sucesos Sobrenaturales) in La Paz Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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    Why don't you Google search those groups and organisations who already do this sorta thing and get in touch with them. It'll freak you out when you're in a graveyard at night and hear nothing but playback the tape and hear people speaking to you...

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    Actually that can happen... if you're tuned to FM/AM... music IS in the air...

    Okie, my sincere apologies...
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Also, check out the phenomenon of "Sound Stations" - spooky broadcasts that can be picked up by shortwave radio initially thought to be the codes spies used to send each other extra, however no-one has ever admitted creating a sound station...


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