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    vocals in the mix

    any tips on howto make the vocals sit it a mix?

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    how to make the vocals sit it a mix?

    and the poll is a yess or no questions, and the answers do not resemble that....
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    its a shame...

    read this and educate urself.
    learn how to be useful in the forum

    I used to record with no preamp. As an amateur hiphop artist it wasn't a big deal at the time, just doing it as a hobby. I had a condenser mic (using phantom power) that went directly to the mixing board, then to an m-audio audiophile which plugged into my computer (via usb). this worked fine, sure I had to increase the output decibles of the mixing board every once in a while, and the sound wasnt "professional", but it sounded pretty good. To me this means you CAN record without a preamp, and some mics arn't too low.

    I will say though, now i have invested in a preamp, and yes it does help a lot with the vocal. Easier to raise the volume without breaks or cracks, and the quality is great now with better clarity. I still use the same basic set-up though: mic to preamp to mixing board to audiophile to computer.

    So my point is, yes a preamp is essential to better sounding music, but if you are not professional and dont have the money for one then- you can record without it.

    I just wanted to know if u had any other ideas as to how to record without an external pre. and u tell me u dont know. grow up!

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    Quote: bee4
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    grow up!
    Yep that is what i need to do.
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    Hi bee4,

    I agree with your experiments or try-outs. You can record without pre-amps, and UNLESS that is the kind of output you want (hey some pp just have strange ways of doing things) as part of a mix-down for your final product, then it's alright. But no serious audio recording people will record without one... unless it's desperate situations...

    It's good to see your enthusiasm and sharing some of the stuff you've done. You must understand that this forum consists of contributors all over the world, and eventhough we type with a universal language (English), the way we use it in our local context is very different. So I do ask that you understand this and be more tolerant to other users and contributors when they're trying to help. Thanks, if you've survived my explanation!
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    If you are running the mic though a mixer then you are running it through a preamp. part of the mixer channel that allows you to get your input level set, adjust the EQ accordingly and then change the output level... that's a preamp. seems you may not have your input levels and gain structure set right, there shouldn't be any pops or cracks at all. I've even had decent results without a converter, just plugging my mixer into the mic input on my computer......

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    Be sure you set the trims/gains and master levels on your mixer properly. If all levels are set properly, you don't need to worry about much at all.
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    ok, it matters by ur mixer

    phonic, u cant pull it off
    mackies sux
    dont even buy behringer
    m-audio usually wont have built in pres cuz there good stuff is pci


    if u have a digidesign product, like the 002, preferably, the 003, ur fine

    other than that, ull atleast want a strip like the focusrite platinum octopre, 8 DECENT pres for about 800 if you need 8, presonus eureka will give u one for 500 n its better, so it matters by ur inputs, but u only need 1 GOOD INPUT because u use all 16 for a live recording at 1st, then u use one input that is really good to overdub all the instruments n vocals rite

    so id say unless u got 003, mayb 002, ull need one juz to get a cleaner signal in. if u atleast have something like the octopre, it wont sound too great, but it will b a starkingly clean signal that u can eq with a waves product to perfection, or atleast use the antres avox pack (which now includes autotune) to emulate high end pre-amps

    other than that... id say u could get away with alesis pre-amps because they are pretty good to. im really surprized how good they are.

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    As mucs I don't buy their gear, Mackie mixers have decent pres in them. stay away from Phonic and Behringer, but pretty much any decent (non-bargain basement) mixer will have decent preamp that will help you get a better sond when reording, but a lot of it hasto do with how you set up the inputs, the conversion to digital, the input in your multitrack software....etc.

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    What do you guys think of the xenyx or onyx preamps?
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