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    how to remove the audio from video file?

    I downloaded some interesting videos, and want to redub in them using video edit software and send them to my friends. I tried Windows Movie Maker, it can mute the audio of source video, and add new audio. But I really want to remove the audio from source video completely, rather than mute.
    Who can kindly recommend me some software? Many thanks

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    If you mute the audio in movie maker and save the video as a new file the sound will be gone. Otherwise you need a better program than moviemaker to do it in. Something like Premiere, Ulead videostudio, Sony vegas etc...
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    Westie is right. I think that is the only way to do it in Momviemaker. I guess you could remove the track, and replace with a silence track
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    Imtoo MPEG Encoder works, if u work under Windows. After importing video files, u will find Disable Audio option in the right setting area, just check True, then the audio will be removed from the video file. moreover, it supports almost all video file formats

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    thanks kawsakimx6, i'm ready to have a try. and also thanks kendybech for recommending that software. if kawsakimx6's advice won't do, i'll try that Imtoo MPEG Encoder

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    have u tried Imtoo MPEG Encoder? how about it?

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    yeah, i tried it. it can only convert 5 minutes in the trial version, but the effect is rather satisfying

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    Apologies for my very late intrusion, but malise, what's the difference of muting an audio, or removing an audio? When exported, don't they both end up, as quiet? You don't even have to replace it with a silent track...

    I'm baffled. Perhaps you will explain. Thanks
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    depending on the software, muted tracks will still be there. May be "quiet" but still takes up bytes. sometimes you are trying to get it as small as possible.
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    Ahh... for the sake of less bytes, fair enough.
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