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    Wiring speakerphone to plug into mixer

    I am hoping somebody can give me a direction to go. I am looking to tap into the black and red wires to the speaker on my speakerphone and run that to an audio mixer. When I splice into the red and black to an rca or 1/4 inch plug cable I am getting a loud humming coming out of the speakers.

    Any thought on how I may need to go about wiring from the red/black to the mixer? I did try to run the splice into a regular non-powered boombox speaker red and black input and it sounded great, but I need it to run into a mixer.

    -Barry C.

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    It sounds like you are trying to send an amplified signal where it's not supposed to be. The mixer input will be expecting a signal somewhere between mic level and line level, but the signal you send to a speaker is much stronger than this.

    In your phone there will be an amplifier which boosts the level from the microphone (in the handset) to a level strong enough for the phone's speaker. This signal is sent to the speaker through the red and black wires you refer to. As you've found, this signal can be sent to another speaker with good results, but sending it to a mixer input is not such a good idea.

    What you need to do is find the signal in the phone before it is amplified. It is this signal that needs to be sent to the mixer input.

    Another option could be to attenuate the speaker signal. This means reduce the signal level to a point that the mixer is happy with. You can buy an attenuator (AKA audio pad) from good electrical stores. However this is not an ideal approach - you should avoid boosting and reducing signal levels unnecessarily.
    Dave Owen

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    phone tap to mixer

    i have done some projects where it was necessary to record the audio signal from a phone thru a mixer. one way to do this is to do it with a phone tap the kind that radio shack used to sell or if you don't mind the ambient noise you can mike the speakerphone.


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