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    HV capture Problem

    Hello again
    We have a HDV Camera (JVC 100E). We shoot both in DV & HDV format. Recently I m facing problem in capturing HDV. We use JVC VTR (BR-HD50) and it is one & 2 months old.. I donít know why the problem is happening? It gets video noise & pixel drop like but in DV it is quite fine.
    Is it the problem of VTR or cable?
    My pc is of duel core processor, raid hard disk , 2Gb ram. I Edit in Edius v 4.
    Help me, I m in deep trouble.

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    Do you re-use your tapes? That might give problems. Did you try to playback or export the digitized clips other that on Edius?
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    HDV capture

    I dont re-use tape. I work on edius only. Should I try in other editing software?

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    Apologies, maybe I did not clarify. What I meant was whether you have tried playing the digitized clip on eg windows media player/real player, etc and did the problems appear? That will tell you if your captured footage is problematic.

    On the other hand, try to playback the video in VTR mode on your video camera. If the problem comes, you'll know for certain that the issue lies with capturing on tape, and it could be possibly a dirty tape head, though I cannot figure how that doesn't affect your DV recording/playback... worst problem.. the firmware/hardware that does the conversion is damaged in your camera... you'll have to send your camera for repairs...

    My 5 cents' worth
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    I play the noisy clip which i captured with win media player & it was the same.
    When I playback the tape with camera the noise is neglegible.
    In this way I have done a project (output was in DV) but I dont want to use my camera like this.
    This is not the problem of tape because when I recapture the tape, the noise/pixel-drop dosnt appear in the same frame.

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    Sounds like the heads may be out of alignment on either your deck or your camera. It may just be that your heads need cleaning though. Try a head cleaning tape (~$20)
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    I did try head cleaning tape. But the rssult is same. At the same time I've no problem in DV capturing or downloading.

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    Does someone you know have a deck or a camera you could borrow for a day to test your tape on? Maybe even a floor model in a store? If your tape generates noise in another deck or camera, your camera heads could be out of alignment. If it doesn't, your deck heads may be out of alignment. (either way, try recording something on one of the other decks/cameras and try playing it back on your equipment)
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