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    Sexy Summer Vibes

    Anyone here looking forward to the summer, or does it just mean extra heat when you're at work? Anyway, in spirit of the summer we've released a collection of Sexy Summer Vibes Royalty Free Music for you to use within your video productions. Check 'em out!

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    Nice....and i love that Cover!!

    On the other hand. Here in Forida USA. Summer gets a bit too hot at times. However i love it. I trade in the production van for the Harley as often as i can
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    If I can ask...What is "royalty free music" exactly, and does it cost money to use?


    ( PS. Summer here in Australia, is literally KILLER! )

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    well it is "free" you buy the CD or online library, or however it is sold. Then you can use it in your productions without paying royalties to the band, singers, record co.....ect
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    Free....after you pay for it.

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    Hey folks, What Is Royalty Free Music huh? Well for a long-winded explanation we have some info here

    I'm happy to give you a simple explanation that will hopefully provide you with some useful info. Ok, so firstly Royalty Free Music is exactly what it says on the tin, and is not "free" music. It's music that is Royalty Free. So when people gripe "yes but it's not free" well that's because it's not free and is not implied by the name at all. It's royalty free which means that you don't have to continually pay the producers/composers of that music every time you use it.

    Royalty Free Music is purchased on a license basis. Composers and music producers sell their music through as royalty free. This means anyone can use the music professionally and pay the appropiate license for that music, without ever having to worry about owing royalties to the music creator.

    When you purchase a piece of music from for example on a standard license, the price may be for example $60.00 that payment grants you the license to use that music again and again for as many projects down the line as you need. You can use this track in your production without ever having to pay the composer of the music. A simple, one off fee for the appropiate license gives you a professionally composed track that you have chosen to use as and and when you need it. Legal and above board.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    This is really provides an extra edge over the others music releases.It's simply awesome.

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    i still did'nt get what it is ....

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    Quote: mikecriss
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    i still did'nt get what it is ....
    are you a producer
    yes/no answer
    no you don't need to get it
    yes you need to learn this quick,
    because the musio are going to sue your a**se,
    when they get their hands on you
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