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Thread: Buying Lenses

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    Buying Lenses

    I found a place in sanfrancisco that sold EOS Canon Lenses for half the price. How do I determine if the lenses are authenic and not a cheap imitation?

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    Just a few options you can take in investigating (from easy to hard):

    1. Reputation of the Store
    If there's such a place with good deals (And 50% IS a SUPER BIG DEAL), you'll find pros and amateurs alike mentioning it on board popular photographic forums and stuff. In fact some of them may even be able to share why the prices are low (for one reason or another, positive or negative).

    2. Warranty
    Sometimes stuff are cheap because they are shipped in direct (parallel import) and not via middlemen and stuff so prices can be further slashed, but still not 50%. Also there may be no warranty card that comes with the lens. Now I do insist on having a Canon International Warranty Card. Not store warranty or some 3-day money back thing. And being a Canon user you might have seen some of these to be able to tell the difference.

    3. Built and Quality
    If you're purchasing an L lens, you'd know that it is very well built in terms of material and structure. A physical check and handling might give some clue, provided you've got an experience handling them before. Also the smoothness of the focus and zoom rings, filter thread, glass coating. Those play a part. Lastly how an image looks when it is shot on a digital body (for immediate results, and preferably belonging and taken by you).

    Trust that might give you a headstart. While honestly, I'm not sure if there are imitations of Canon lenses, I do know of fake Zeiss lenses floating around.
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    You can also contact Canon, and give them the numbers on the lens, they can then tell you little things to look for to determine the authenticity. Are these lenses being sold as new? chances are is they have cosmetic damage, which if it is JUST cosmetic, then it is fine, however if a glass is scratched, or a ring is bent, it is not worth the cheap price
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    Or you can just try them on and check the quality)


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