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    filters with a Sony HDR-FX1

    Can somebody please tell me what the best filters are for a Sony HDR-FX1? The polarizing filter kit from Sony, which includes a protector lens costs $159.99. I've seen them for $5 all the way up over $100, so I don't know which is the best to get.

    Can anyone recommend another filter besides the polarizing and protector lens? I will be working indoors and outdoors doing a project based on a reality tv show.


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    I dont own a Sony, but it comes down to lens size I guess. I paid $25 for a polarizing filter to fit my 46mm lens mount on my JVC. Many filters from regular SLR cameras will work with your video just depends what your'e looking for. Also there are many varieties of step down/up rings to allow various sizes to attatch. UV filters, nuetral density and polarizers are probably the most popular...but, I'm no expert. That's just my personal experience. For my previous Canon, I purchased a UV filter, polarizing filter and a wide angle lens all attatched at the same time. So anything is possible!

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    For basic protection, a skylight (1A) filter will do.

    If you need to shoot through glass, a polariser will help, but don't leave it on all the time as it cuts down the amt of light passing through.

    Outdoor, you might want to consider a UV filter.

    Brands like Hoya HMC (good enough) or B+W (expensive but excellent) will be fine.

    Just a side note. Try not to stack your filters. The addition of elements (glass) might inevitably cause more flare, vignetting (for wide enough angles and possibility of more dust (trapped in between the filters) appearing... if you really need that many filters on, perhaps a matt box is what you'll need instead...
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