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    Help requested in converting WMV to flash

    I am a novice who wants to convert WMV files to flash media for putting up on a website as I understand that is efficient and allows the viewer to view them on the web page without downloading time. In looking for the software to use, I noted Dave said Sorenson Squeeze is great and I read a review that looked great until I got to the end and it said $500. Is there an inexpensive software available for converting WMV to flash files and secondly, when converting, what is the file type that you choose that makes it flash? In the review it referred to MPEG-4. Is that what a flash file is?
    Thank you.

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    SUPER Video Encoder is free and works okay. It's certainly not as good as Sorenson or Flix Pro - you get much better quality and more feature with the paid software, but if all you need to do is get up and running then SUPER will do.

    There are two formats you can use for Flash video - flv and swf. Don't use swf unless you have a very good reason. You should use flv wherever possible.
    Dave Owen


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