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    Filming inside a moving car...

    Can you guys please recommend me some good filming angles for shooting inside a car...

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    I've recently done an interview inside a moving car, so here's my take... but due to the limited space you have in the car, I suggest a wide angle adapter or something along that line.

    Moving car
    On driver
    From the front (abt below the rear view mirror). you'll get his profile.

    Above the dashboard you'll get frontal, but getting the camera to be still will be an issue. Usually the camera's mounted outside on the boot. That's another issue unless you're prepared to pay for it.

    Slightly above the rear view mirror... a little tricky but possibly an interesting angle.

    In between his feet (pointing up or down depending whether you want low angle of him or his feet on the pedals). Not necessarily a flattering shot...

    From the back seat shooting on the side mirror (this needs quite a bit of trying)

    Because the vehicle is moving, zoom is not recommended as small movements become BIG when you zoom. I'll be the first to puke watching this kind of footage.

    On passenger
    From the front passenger seat, shooting through the front window to the rear window.

    Static car
    Almost anywhere you want, since nobody's going anywhere!

    These are some off the top of my head. Any other contributors?
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    If it is possable build a rig (or rent one) for a hood mount, and a door mount. The angles are better and not everyone does it, so it looks good. It all depends on your $ situation
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    That would be my reccomendation too. In fact i've got an old car that i'm rigging out for my next video so that we can get lots of moving shots. My shots are aimed at whats happenening outside the vehicle but you can still use the same methouds. Get an old car and make fixing mounts for the bonnet, rear parcel shelf etc. Remove windows if needed.

    For my mounts I'm using modified glaziers glass lifting suction cup handles. That way i can use them on the bonnt/ doors/ roof etc.
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    You must need a car-mount and wide-convirsion

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    Can you guys please recommend me some good filming angles for shooting inside a car...
    You must need a car-mount and wide-convirsion to get the shots inside and also from outside a car . And only angle is not the way to shoot good is also the important part of photography . You may create various types of of lighting thourgh the way where the car will be driven .

    I think ......... here lighing is the main part of cinematography........'cause inside a car there is a limited space to shoot .

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    Hi Guys
    Just for interest Priceline Pharmacies in Oz have a very nice "grab handle" that has a plastic bar and 2 x 30kg vacuum cups ...all you need to do is mount your cammy on the bar and it will stick to a side door or bonnet without any problems and easily hold a camcorder. If you bolt a ball and socket tripod fitting to the bar, you could more than likely have any camera angle you want to and you won't damage the paintwork!!




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