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    Microphone for Voice over

    I need to buy a microphone for taking voice in editting pannel.
    I want something which is not very costly but works professionally.
    I tried to find in I-net but confused and want the forums help.
    can anyone help me?
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    I have used this one...It is pretty good for the cost. I dont know what your budget, but if you are doing light work this one is good.

    If you are looking to do some more profesional work, i would look into somthing like this...\

    either way go with a condenser mic, and a non-echoing room
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    I must admit that I always use my camera's external mike for voice-overs ..It's a Audio Technica shotgun...however be VERY careful about just plugging it into your computer's sound card input..the quality is shocking!! Sound cards are not equipped to handle low output condenser mikes so you should rather go thru a mixer and use the line input of the sound card. If you don't have a mixer you can leave a tape out of your camcorder and switch it to "camera" and then plug the mike into "external mike" and run a cable from your AV out plug to the computer's sound card
    line input. This gives you rather good audio, despite the setup looking funny!!! I use it for my diy videos online and the audio is clear.

    See what the audio done this way sounds like from the link below


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    If you're using a camera's mic, record it on tape [just record video of a wall or something so you know its there] then ingest your tape normally.
    If you want a cheap mic just for voiceovering and you won't be voing much, I'd suggest getting a decent quality hand-held vocal mic. I use a Shure that was sold for a short period of time at radioshack (I believe it was the 'test' model for the SM-58) and it works beautifully.
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    Thank u all
    & sorry for the late response.

    I used the mic. of camera, this is good really. But I have to go for a mic. to use in editing pannel bcause the camera is busy most of the time.
    I'll go for one of the mic. of the wave pages( the address u've given).

    thank u.

    BTW I sometime use the mic. of leppel (when it is not being used in shooting) in my computer by the line in port.

    Is it harmfull for the leppel?

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    the mics to get... dont listen to the guy above

    cheap n good is the at2020, its really ez to get with exceptional quality, make sure ur room is akustiked
    thats $100
    u mite b able to get it with a cheap external pre-amp to which will make it sound great 4 a little cheap basterd

    or u get the rodes ntk, which is $500 and the best prosumer *arguable* mic out there

    or u get the $2000 neuman mics that are great

    no matter what ur gonna want pre-amps for quality control and a large eq to get things perfect newayz

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    Sennheiser ...

    The Sennheiser 416 is an excellent voice-over mike. It is very popular for commercials and filmmaking. A bit pricey ~ $1100. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it.

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    the mkh 416 is a shotgun mic, those r usually only used when u r trying 2 get voice from somewhat of a distence n u need the off-axis rejection

    a regular condenser will do fine as long as ur studio is foamed because ull b rite next to the mic, so a vocal condenser will capture voice amazingly


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