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    Image transparency

    I have a saved gif of a small blue arrow pointing to the right. There is a fairly large white background around it and I want to make it transparent (the background, not the arrow). So, I open the image in Photoshop, click on the Magic Wand Tool, click on the image, and the white box and the arrow get selected (with dashed lines moving around them). I tried pressing "delete" but nothing happens. I've right clicked on selected areas and failed miserably at making the selected areas transparent. I've even drawn random circles on the white background with the Lasso Tool and tried making it transparent, but when I press "delete", nothing happens. The only thing that changes is the "actions" window. Here is what appears:


    Everywhere I go (on the net) it sais to press "delete" to make the selected area transparent, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Do I have to enable some stuff or something to make this work?

    Oh, by the way, I am a newbie with Photoshop. I used to use it before... now I'm back and I know almost nothing about it. I have the CS2 version.

    If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
    Reply back as soon as possible.


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    The problem is because you're working with an image whose colour mode is Indexed Color - which is the standard for gifs. When you delete your selection, you will just replace it with your current background colour.

    Make sure you have the layers palette open (Window: Layers or F7.

    Firstly, convert the image to RGB mode: Image: Mode: RGB Color.

    You will notice that the layer now switches from Index to Background. At the moment, if you delete your selection, you'll still only be replacing it with the background colour.

    Now, double-click the layer, and a dialogue box will pop up asking you to name the layer. You can call it anything you like, but usually I just stick with the default Layer 0.

    Now when you delete your selection, you'll have transparency. The final step is to save it again. You can either save it directly (File: Save or Ctrl+S), or Save For Web (File: Save For Web or Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S - Opt+Cmd+Shift+S for Mac).
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