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    Feild Mixer hell

    today i was shooting a show for a local TV station. 6 people miced, plus 2 boom mics. my mixer does 7 imputs. So i had to drive back to the shop and get a small desk mixer (i put the 2 boom mics in the desk mixer then in to the field mixer). About 40 min to the shoot some weird radio phonomon happened....all of the wireless mics goe horrible static. EVERY CHANNEL. so we get all the mics wired up and changed some shots so the wires were not seen. about 3:00pm local time the Field mixer dies..DIES i have no clue what happened, but it is DEAD. thought it might of overheated, but i am not sure...2 engeneers in the TV station both on Vacation, my Mixer (personal) in the shop, and the shop that i deal with......Closed!!!!! so now i have hundreds of feet of XLR wires going to 4 Camras (2 recording Video) Luckly i had the extra cameras on me. Well glad it is friday.

    The thing that sucks the most is now i get to edit this and sync all the voices (on 4 cameras for the last 3 hrs)...

    lesson learned......well i am not too sure other then you better be quick on your feet when you have a deadline!
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    wow, I've never had it taht bad... was the battery in the mixer dead? were you using the battery? what mixer was it?

    sorry to hear it...

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    I know its too late now, but with your multiple cameras recording audio, you may have made syncing easier by having them all pointing towards your shooting area and using a clapboard [or just clapping], then you would have the normal video/audio matching plus some extra video matching on the two 'audio only' recorders.
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