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    Urgent help in shooting musical video

    Hello,Thanks to everyone in this forum. I need to know how i can shoot a scene of musical video. Is that i'll need a timing watch or something? Because during editing one will need to lay the audio of the song to the video_ i mean there will be different scenes to shoot which some are going to cut away and then fix the audio. Lastly, if i want convert from vhs to vcd or dvd, will i need a tv card or video capture card and then can one connect video cassatte player to a system? Thanks

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    Hey turbo

    Shoot the entire song on a cammy on a tripod fixed a way back and on wide angle so you get the whole band in the shot. Feed your audio to this camera from start to finish (ideally from the sound mixer so you get decent audio)
    Then use a second cam to do all your close up shots near and on the stage so you can insert them into the main track with the audio. Getting lip sync is pretty simple using a NLE and you can usually match lip sync in a couple of seconds...don't forget you also have to match drum stick so they stay in time too!!

    Hope this helps a bit

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    If you can get the cabling, run the audio feed to both cameras with the same length of cable from wherever the signal splits to the cameras, then it is much easier to later sync the two based upon the audio (for NLE, just display waveform and slide til the two match, for linear, your edit controller may have an option to auto sync two similar audio tracks, or you can simply find a good match point [first drum beat], jog to the same exact point on each, just write the timecode difference down, and do a bit of math with each edit [remember to calculate for DF if you aren't working NDF]).

    Remember, for both these methods, burn tape on both cameras, don't stop recording until you are done (and you will probably want some shots from each after the set for credits to roll over or a fade or whatever effect you want).
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    Watch this music vedio

    Watch this music vedio ..........................

    Then contact with me to know the detail of this work.

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!


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