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    Non Linear Editing

    I want to learn non linear editing. Can any body help me in this regard.

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    I'll assume you mean Non-Linear Editing in General, so I'll Just get the ball rolling...

    Here are a few places that you can read about Non-Linear Editing on the net:

    -- the site you're on!

    -- Another good site to learn the basics.

    -- has some good things to read once you've got the idea of
    what NLE (Non-linear Editing) is.

    Of course, Google is probably your best bet for finding other sites
    but these two should get you going on the whole idea.

    If there is anything in particular you want to know about the subject, Post it here - I'm sure that I (or anyone else here) will be able to answer it for you.


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    Hi Aown, what B_list has given are really helpful for general learning, but if there's a specific software you are looking at picking up, it'll make better sense for you to share it with us so those who have better mastery over it can chip in.
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    Yeah, there are many programs out there. Are you using PC, Mac, or Lynux?
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    I really fell in love with Final Cut Pro. Great app if your a mac user.


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