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    Music Video

    Hey there guys, im second coming, i make drum and base music.
    You can check out my stuff @

    Anyway, what i came here for was to see if anyone wanted to join forces and creat a music video for my new tune "alabama slammer remix"
    You can hear the tune on the myspace.

    The vid will be uploaded to youtube etc etc to both promote the tune and to promote your video making skills.

    So, if anyones interested, let me know.
    Add me on msn or aim if you want to chat more:
    aim: secondcoming32

    Cheers guys, hope someone is interested

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    I have shoot a Music Vedio

    I have soot a music vedio . You may watch this online.......the vedio link is Just copy this link and paste into your search bar. The name of the vedio is "Malik Rabbana".........and the name of the singer is Mahadi. I was the vediographer.


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