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    TV set as monitor for older video camera?

    I was given this Panasonic 300CLE color video camera and Sony VHS recorder (broadcast VHS).
    I can't seem to get a picture on my TV (I am trying to use it as a monitor). The camera is connected to the VCR unit, and the VCR has an RF OUTput jack (coaxial cable) which is supposed to hook to a tv. (so I am told). There is no S video output jack, no RCA video or audio output plugs.
    There are a whole mess of other type plugs; the other VIDEO OUTs look like coax cable plugs but are slightly larger... I've never seen them before.
    When the TV is set to channel 3 I do get silence instead of fuzz.
    I set the camera to color bars. Can't get a picture on the t.v. so far.
    Does the VCR actually need to be in record mode
    or something silly like that?-- I don't have a tape in it. I have to go locate some blank
    broadcast vhs tapes... but it seems like just switching the unit ON should direct the signal
    from the camera right to the monitor..
    Any thoughts??
    It's almost like it's lacking a "tv/vcr" switch that most home VCR units have... or, I am not getting a signal out of the camera.
    Just wondering..

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    Re: TV set as monitor for older video camera?

    I'd try tuning the video in by playing a video in the machine, try and tune it on the tv, then hook it all up. If this still doesn't work then it could be camera problems.

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    BNC Connection

    It sounds like what you have is a BNC connection. THis runs through coax, but it behaves more like that of an rca video connection. You can make an adapter to convert the coax to an rca then plug to your camera



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