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    audio software and audio hardware

    I just want to know, what is audio software and audio hardware? I want to know its definition, the qualities it should have and its components.

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    Example: software is a computer program, and hardware is the computer.
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    Both software and hardware varieties can be so vastly different that you may want to provide us more information. What would you like your hardware and software to do?

    For hardware (which is the equipment like microphones, mixers, etc.) you can spend thousands of dollars at places like or or you can spend a hundred at Radio Shack, depending on your needs.

    As for software (which is the program you use on your computer to manipulate the audio), you can go with an industry standard like Adobe Audition or a free open-source version like Audacity. Totally depends on what you want to use it for.

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    heres what

    ya... the guy above me does not no anything about sound software... ok, audition is a little crappy thing that is coupled with the other adobe products

    nobody uses it xcept indie film companies that cant dont have avid yet

    but that aside



    sound hardware can get expensive. i am assuming you dont want to spend too much money on sound because your probubly not a sound engineer musician whos needs a full set of tools so... w/e

    you probubly dont want to go solid state

    those are the recording things that you see for sell as things to record audio

    places love to sell them because they are over priced

    a 16 track recorder is 2000 and a piece of crap



    heres wat ull wanna do cuz its better and costs less

    u live in the 21st century? Right?

    use a computer

    ur gonna want to get something called an interface

    the interface can bring the audio into your computer directly from a mixer or pci

    now, what interface to get?

    heres a tricky question.

    first of all, pick your imputs. you prolly want juz a regular 8 track at a time, you shouldnt use any more than that because you should only do the whole band live on the 1st take newayz n overdub, or likewize for video i dont think ull have more than 8 quality mics working at a time


    8 tracks

    pci or mixer?

    well, mixers you can use for live sound, you can send their feed to other mixers using digital outs, and bla bla bla



    pro tools hd is what the pros use

    you buy a card 4 $7000, then u need the interface for $5000, and the sound can only go to your computer unless you buy their venue addon for more than $10000, which is not movable at all

    other than that

    the only other cards worth looking at are m-audio pci cards, which are cheap versions of pro-tools and have no versitility and dont come with pre-amps, ill explain pre-amps later




    wat now?

    you'll have two types, either firewire or usb. usb2.0 is not really on the market so screw that.

    usb can ONLY SEND ONE STEREO TRACK AT A TIME TO YOUR COMPUTER. that means, if you record your band live with 8 tracks, 1 stereo track will show up on your computer for editing. ill go into why later but you will want to b able to edit on your computer, so that is probubly bad unless you believe you could get away with it. usb is cheap and the alesis multimix-8 is a solid unit for 150 with good pre-amps. ill talk preamps l8r

    but newayz


    unless u think u can get away with one track in, get firewire. i would reccomend one of alesis's equiptment because they are pretty quality and they could be used live, i would not recomend presonus because they have problems, phonic is good because its cheap but its pre-amps are not quality at all, and the BEST FIREWIRE UNIT IS THE DIGIDESIGN PRODUCTS, problem is, they cost 1100 for just a rackmount version, thats a kind u cant use live, if you want a useful version, you need the 2000 version. not realistic prolly.

    so, i no theres other companies like emu and crap, m-audio is juz a waste because they have no pre-amps to their equiptment


    its alesis n phonic. alesis has more quality pres, with 8 tracks being 400 bucks, and phonic is not as much quality with 16 tracks being 500.

    make ur choice

    personally, i have the alesis usb version n the phonic firewire n i wish i got the alesis in a firewire version when i switched to firewire but owell, too late.

    id say go alesis.

    so, that will get you to your computer, so i would recommend ALL EDITING BE DONE ON THE COMPUTER, which means the mixer is the only real hardware u NEED, other than moniters, headphones, mics, and cables. for those, there are kinda standerds:

    moniters- get rp-8's from rocket

    headphones- bose for musicians and flat responce for the engineer (flat responce means no coloring so you can edit perfectly)

    mics- dynamic- go shure sm58 or sm57, depends on what ur micing, 58 for vocal

    condenser- rodes are good, neumans are best

    cables- mogonomi are the best, monster cable are alittle behind

    OTHER THAN THAT, the only hardware you need to upgrade quality are:

    power cleaners



    power cleaners make your sound less fuzzy

    get monsterpro3500

    preamps- these are the major thing for sound quality. these are what makes pro studios sound warm and fat. i no that mixers have pres built into them, but they SUCK. pros spend 2000 on a pre, but heres the thing:

    100 bucks, you can get studio projects and its pretty good

    400-500, you can get low end presonus eureka and fucusrite platenum *sp*, they are pretty good pre-amps but u will replace them for the 2000 cuz they really arent as good as them


    thats hardware

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    now software

    alright, there is huge debate, but unless your going pro-tools, your going cubase or cakewalk. audition doesnt have the capabilities, neither do any other crap you guys can pull out of your pants, not even fruityloops, which ill touch on fruityloops later.

    cakewalk is easier to learn

    but cubase can expand more

    id say cubase if you have a brain and can learn


    now you need some stuff:

    now that you got ur audio in there, ull wanna edit it.

    you want a good compressor, pitch corrector, eq, noise silensor, reverb, n w/e else your heart desires


    id say get the waves platnum, its 1500, i have it, its all you mite ever need, its really professional, but



    id say, stick with the effects that come with your sequencer (which is what cubase n cakewalk are are called) because they will juz dandy

    just not as good as waves

    they juz wont come with a noise cancillor, which waves has to elimate all buzz, wind *good for video mics* and bla bla bla


    ull wanna get a pitch corrector

    its between celemoney melodyne n antres auto-tune

    antres is more widely known and could be put on auto, but celemoney has more graph editing capabilities


    thats the basics for recording

    to get your quality better, your gonna want to master your audio

    that mean

    get ozone izotope or soundforge

    you have to no what your doing w/ soundforge

    if u havent been trained n crap

    use ozone

    its ez, cheaper, n bla bla bla




    the way to expand is to get instruments called vst instruments

    u can get an awesome midi controller like the m-audio axiom 61 that will do all midi that you need for 300


    that will control ur vst instruments


    what kinda of intruments are there?


    you can get any sound, but heres vsts in a quick glance:

    ivory is the greatest grand piano ive ever heard
    vangaurd and v-station are great techno synths
    b4 by ni is the greatest organ
    battery by ni is the greatest techno, pop, hiphop drums/sets/controller
    bfd is the greatest sounding acoustic drum set

    also, you may want to get fruityloops to re-wire and use that sequencer sepperately for midi equiptment when doing techno, its the easiest way

    i dont like most ni equipment, i no lots of people do, but here the thing, you have to tweak a lot inorder to get a sound, you can get more sound, but you have to know exactly what your doing

    so, stick to those up there

    other than that, youll want drum fills and samples for battery but itll all b good

    the vst instruments cost about 300 each

    from there, you might wanna add on dj equiptment

    id say juz go sarratto scratch live, $500, learn how to beatmix and you got yourself gigs at any soundplace cuz not only are you the live man, but ull record the bands afterwords and b a dj

    that should b everything about music in a quik post

    ull need to learn how to use all those after u get themm

    n thats a whole forum in its self

    but it will give you the ability to sound professional

    once you get a 2000 avalon pre-amp


    juz learn those n u should b good

    its really not that hard, juz read up on it, then immitate, then expieriment, then post, then listen to what other people say about your postings. also realize this, people on video forums know almost nothing about sound, sorry, they know how to capture it and they know shotgun mics, but beyond that, they are lost. read forums like kvr-audio and harmony reviews on all sound equiptment

    sweetwater has a expert help section that really helps you learn audio equiptment, check that out

    read every manual you get, ull learn crap quickly

    after all the equiptment, ur gonna wanna rack it, so as you go along, alwayz buy rackmountable gear

    hardware synths sound exactly like the vst synths but cost a few thousand more, id save my money...


    nethin im missin...

    acoustic foam is a must for your studio, but i cant tell u how much it costs cuz its all dependent on the room

    test everything before buying because everything about sound is preferance

    o ya

    for more sound quality, youll want a bbe sonic maximizer, juz get the vst plugin for the mastering n ur good to go

    all vsts can also work with avid's pro tools and adobe's audition, so your recording sound gear can be ur video gear if u plan right

    makes everything more cost-effective

    learn to play every instrument and ull realize which ones are better, that way it wont b a burden on your artists...

    n finally...

    if ur artist has an instrument they like, record thier sound and edit afterwards.

    uniqueness is great and also, if you give some random stoner ur guitar, they wont b able to play it as good as their little one they have learned to love

    music is about making sound sound good

    thats it

    my advice: it will sound good if you listen to it and make it sound good

    ez as that


    its all pre-amps, mics, and how you use your software



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