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    Need a flash player that plays in full screen

    Hello all,

    Finally, after 7 hours of hard work I've managed to stream a video from my site with the free flash player offered here at this site.

    But, it is really out of the question for me to play my files in such a small window. i need to play hi quality video files, and in full scree. is this 'miracle' possible?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Hi Sam

    You can run Dave's player in "full screen" mode but due to the dimensions of the interface it just expands the 720 pixel size to your screen width so you DO get a black bar top and bottom. My flash videos done in Flash8 at 512K still you pretty good, with the player full's usually a matter of connection speed and if you encode video at a high rate as it's done in MPEG2 (around 6000k) then the video will never play smoothly on normal broadband....I think the Dave has the best compromise here as the 480x288 screen is very "viewable" and if you make the viewer full screen it's even more viewable and runs smoothly!!!!

    All in all you have to look at size/quality versus loading time



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    I'm not sure i understand, so pls if u can be patient

    If i will encode my files in flash8 at 512 K, should i change the dimension in order to get a little bit bigger window in full screen mode? and if so what dimension would u recommend? did you manage to this?.

    Thanks much for replaying.

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    Hi Sam

    If you are likely to play them with the player at "full screen" then it might be worth encoding them bigger so the player doesn't have to resize them.

    If your visitor has a 1024x768 screen res then the player will be resized (including the video) from 720 wide to 1024 wide. I use video on my diy "how to" site and the clips there are 480x288...why not try those ones and watch them with the player normal to ascertain a quality level and then watch any same clip again but clcik the "options" button and click "full screen" ...That way you can decide how much you think the video quality has "dropped" when in full screen.

    If you DO feel that the video loses a lot then simply make your clip at least 50% larger say 720x432... just keep the physical dimensions of the clip at 1.6666 aspect ratio.

    I would be interested to find out if a 50% bigger clip really does look better with the player in Full Screen mode!!!



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