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    Mic Isolation Question

    I am micing a marimba (like a xylophone, only lower octaves) and when I attach the microphone to the clamp that hooks on the marimba, I get an unwanted thumping noise for every keystroke. When I simply hold them microphone with no contact to the instrument, it sounds great.

    I have to attach the mic to the marimba in some way. What can I use to isolate the mic to get rid of the contact noise?

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    You need suspension for the mike to isolate any noise. Take a look at my diy page on my video website and you will see an easy to make mounting using shelf brackets and ladies hair band elastics.
    That just might solve the problem


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    Nice website, ChrisHarding. Some cool Ideas there. I think just a boom stand would work, though.
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    A boom stand should work, but if you still need isolation, attach some sort of fixed ring to the boom stand (make one out of wood even), then cut some notches in it and run rubberbands across so they cross like:

    I hope this diagram explains it well enough, but you make the notches so that where the ruber bands cross there, there are two sets (one on each side of the physical circle) and then the microphone is inserted in the center (this will push the square in the middle into a curved area, as the square will be smaller than the mic handle).
    Then, you just mount the circle where you would normally mount the mic and run the cable over something so that there isn't too much slack adding weight and that there isn't so little slack that the mic isn't able to move.
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    here is a Page for mic Shock mounts.

    Check and see what fits your mic, and there you go
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    I'd go for a boom stand, as well. isolating an instrument that you hit is always fun!

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    any worthwhile mic has a shockmount made juz for it

    get that

    juz a regular stand n a shockmount

    works every time


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