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    similar 24p software (?)

    This is my very first attempt at posting on a video forum.

    I wanted to know if there is a software that can simulate 24fps.
    Also, can it be so inexpensive that it would be free? Maybe I am pushing it, but I am broke. Thanx a million.

    I am well aware of Adobe After effects with the plugin for that, i'm aware of cinelook, filmlook(the L.A. company), Red Giant Software with Magic Bullet suite, and of the Panasonic camera that can automatically simulate the film speed. However, the latter is still too pricey for me. At least I cannot afford it.

    Sorry for the troubles.

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    Most editing software supports rendering output as 24p. Just check your framerate options. Note that in some software, you need to create the project as 24p.
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    What a relief!

    Thanks a million for your help. Can it be done with Microsoft Movie Maker? Sorry for not mentioning that earlier.


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