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    Convert mp3 or wma to midi

    Hello everyone, can anyone help me to get software to convert from mp3 or wma to midi?And if someone has it, what are steps to do it?

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    Short answer: No.
    MP3 and WMA store digital audio data.
    MIDI stores device control data. MIDI playback on PC systems is done by emulating the sounds of the devices/voices the MIDI is made for.

    Think of a MIDI as the score for a piece and a MP3 as the recording of it. It is very hard to go from the latter to the former. There are some pieces of software that will guess at notes being played in a monophonic audio file (and some that claim they can get notes from polyphonic files) but most do very poorly and those that do work will only work on monophonic files (no singing, no backtrack, one note at a time, one instrument).
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