Protron LCD HDTV (PLTV-37C) audio outputs do not seem to be on or working.
No o.g. to consult (hapless, helpless friend's TV) and Protron telephone support (888-257-8899) is HORRENDOUS: I'm connecting this TV audio out to a Bose® 3•2•1 GSII receiver. The support person put me on hold for about ten minutes then came back and informed me the audio output of this display is only for connecting to a DVD player (?), when I told him I didn't see any difference between connecting to a DVD player and a receiver he put me on hold for another few minutes. (Bad!) When he came back he insisted the only way I could hear the TV audio output is to play it through a DVD player.

I'm sure the O.G. will tell me how to turn on the audio out for my bone-head friend who looses stuff that'sa useful.

Anyone have this manual to share for free?