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    CSS idiot here. Help appreciated.

    I cant seem to wrap my brain around css, no matter how many tutorials I have seen. I just have a mental boulder.

    Can someone help me fix this assault on the eyes? Thanks so much

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    hi there;

    There was assault on every where, so if you could be more precise I would like to help;

    but, here's some wisdom: You haven't learn't anything because you lacked the required discipline or methodology. w3school is a good site to learn, to address and to refer to. Since you have put the words "I design websites" I'm sure you wouldn't mind reading pages and taking notes.

    I have spent some time over your site, your artwork and craft ... and I must say I really liked your stuff which should have required a lot of hard working and practicing in order to develop them. Good luck.
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    I am studying the tutorials on the w3c site, and it does make hazel nut cream of the eyeballs (am I drinking that much coffee?) but I haven't found a better site for learning code.
    but one has to ATTACK these lessons as if it where costing alot of money. Eyeballs will hurt, but it is worth it! Good recomendation, Kunter.
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