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    Need a mp3 player!

    I am looking for an MP3 player who has MP3's recorded on a Flash Drive to the car FM Radio. Listen to MP3 Audio Books and Music on the way to work and also it should be small, good battery life, & cheap etc. If you know this type of MP3, please tell me.

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    Re:Need a mp3 player!

    My GF bought an MP3 player based on the reviews and thought it would work very well without any interference with the other FM stations being broadcast.
    I tuned and set this up for channels where there was no FM broadcast, as this would be the best way to reduce any interference. It works fine and the sound output is good.
    I recommend you for this player. I think the site is
    Good luck

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    I got lost trying to compare all the MP3 models so....

    I got lost trying to compare all the MP3 models so....can someone tell me which model(s) have these features.

    I looking for an MP3 player with the following features.

    Aprox. 500 songs capacity
    FM radio
    FM recorder
    Bookmark function so I could stop podcasts and return to where I left off.
    Screen so I could see albums and songs, podcasts from same site...

    Maybe I'd better stop there.

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    Sometimes the simple things in life proove most difficult. I spent over a year choosing a HDTV... what with all available features available on the market just the same as your MP3 player, you wanna make sure you get what you can for what you can afford. Sorry I don't have an answer, but I know what it's like.


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