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    Speaker Cable vs. Microphone Cable

    Greetings all.

    I have recently acquired a bunch of speaker cable from a friend who used to DJ. The cables range in length from 20 feet to over 100 feet, and are very thick and tough. The ends are 1/4" tip and sleeve, if I'm looking at them right. They were used to hook up the amplifiers to the large speakers.

    I am more of a video guy, and I'm not real familiar with long cable runs. What I'm wondering is if I can use these long cables to hook my microphones up to my Canon XH-A1, assuming I get 1/4" to XLR converters and such.

    Do speaker cables also work as microphone cable?
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    there are a few enginers on this site that will have a better answer. with that said....

    i would say no.

    XLR Cables have 3 wires and Speaker cables have 2
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    Yes, they can, but you will need a pair of baluns ($$$) and the length of the run won't be balanced (you will get a lot of interference). Buy good quality XLR cables.
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    First off, the number of connectors (2 vs 3) a microhone runs on a balanced cable (usually) and needs all three wires for this, while you may be able to adapt and make it 'work' it is cheaper and less trouble to use a proper mic cale.

    Second, speaker cables are not sheilded. long cable runs on unbalanced wires are not recommended, take away the cables ability to reject rf interference and you are probably going to get all kinds of nifty noises.

    A balanced cable that is properly sheilded is definitely necessary for long cable runs (mic/line).... Looks like you've got yourself a bunch of cable you can't use right now join the club, my wife keeps asking me why I need to keep that box of cables, some day, my dear, some day.........

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    the truth

    just buy magonomi xlr cables, they are top of the line, way beat out monster cable, but are kind of expensive, but ull love them and their lifetime warrenty

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    honestly, whirlwind cables are what the pros use, mogami is great for studio stuff where it will never ever be mishandled, but it isn't any sturdier than anything else, just more expensive... Monster are a waste of $$...

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    magonomi have lifetime warrentys

    use their quality newhere

    n juz return them wen they break

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    Thanks for the advice, guys. I'll keep the cables around, but I know to get some good XLR cables now.


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