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    Connecting dual channel compressor to bass amp

    hey guys,
    i am looking into purchasing a dual channel compressor (Drawmer DL241 Auto Compressor) to put in my bass rig. I currently have the ampeg svt2 pro and i wanted to know firstly:

    1) is the compressor a good buy for use with a bass?
    2) i want to run each channel to a separate cabinet. one channel to the channel to the 18" sub. what should my signal path look like? can i go from the two outputs of the amp into the two channel of the compressor and then two out from compressor to individual cabs?
    3) any advice on how i should mix a subwoofer versus the 4x10?

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    Well, first off, the Ampeg has an effects loop, which is where you would wire in the compressor, but only one channel. I would opt for a single channel unit, since you would be only using one channel anyway. Second, the ampeg is a mono output full range amp intended for one or two full range speakers. It would require another amp to power a subwoofer. This amp would only amplify the lows, so you would also need an active tunable crossover in the signal path from the bass. A tunable low pass filter between the Ampeg's pre-amp output and the other amps input would work also. But I don't really see the point, since the Ampeg is a killer amp and I don't think it really needs help in the low end area.
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    you definitely don't want to hook a drwmer comp to the speaker out of an amp.... not if you don't want to kiss your $$ g'bye. If you had a head with a built-in X-over and line outputs for each, that might be an option, as Pennies said, a single channel unit between your bass and your amp is the way to go... I use an Aphex punch factory optical comp pedal, great unit....

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    either do it direct, which is bass-comp-amp

    or effects loop, if its on ur amp


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