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    Please help saving a gif image.

    I need help saving gif images that I change the timing to. When I change the timing on the image, then save optimized as.... The image goes back to the original speed when I open the file on my computer. What am I doing wrong ?

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    If you're viewing the image in a web browser, have you cleared the browser's cache?

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    No I didn't clear the browser's cache. Do I have to do that first?

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    Depending on your setup, you may need to, yes.
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    What may be happening is that, if you haven't cleared the cache, when you preview the image in your browser, it's just repeatedly pulling up the old version from the cache.

    When you're just browsing the web, this is a real time & bandwidth saver. But if you're doing development tasks like that, it can be incredibly frustrating. I've been caught out a few times, going crazy trying to figure out why something isn't fixed, until I realise - d'Oh! It's the cache

    If you're using Firefox, go to Tools, Clear Private Data or Ctrl+Shift+Del, and check the appropriate boxes.

    For Internet Explorer 7, go to Tools, Delete Browsing History. For earlier versions of Eplorer, if memory serves, you'll find it under Tools, Internet Options.


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