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    Streaming Video Bandwith Questions

    I am going to put a pre recorded (30 minute) video file on my website. I will probably encode it in flash. I figure the play window will be about 400x300? Or should I make it bigger?
    I want the video quality to be high. I'm new to this so one of my questions is which speed should I encode it in (125k? 300k? 1 meg?)
    I want to make the video available to people that have high speed Internet. I don't mind if people with dial up cannot view it.

    Next questions: As for my hosting, let's say a user watches the video 4 times in one day and let's say 100 megs of bandwith is used for the person to be able to view the entire thing. If they watch it 4 times in a day, does that mean that user used 400 megs of my bandwith?
    Will people be able to save this video to their computer and say, burn it to a cd?
    Last question. How much bandwith do I need if say, 500 people each watch it say, 5 times per day?

    Lastly Google video and Youtube are not options as the video needs to stay private.
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    I usually go for around 300 kilobits/sec - that seems to offer pretty good quality for most video.

    If you use progressive download for your videos, users will be able to cache files on their computers, so watching them several times won't require them to be downloaded each time. If you use a true streaming service, there is no download so each video view will use the same bandwidth all over again.

    Your exact bandwidth requirements are hard to predict, since people's browser/cache settings and viewing habits will differ. If you are using progressive download, you might expect it to average out so that each person downloaded the file twice per day to watch it five times. This allows for those who don't cache it and have to download it afresh each time. This is only a guess, but a 100MB file watched by 500 people 5 times per day might require 100GB per day.
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    Thanks Dave. I'm really a newb to all this. Do you happen to know, ball park figure, what it would cost to hire a company or someone to help me figure this out and get my videos going correctly?

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    Quote: Dave
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    If you use a true streaming service, there is no download so each video view will use the same bandwidth all over again.
    Hi Dave
    can I get a bit more info regarding the above,
    why true streaming service, has no download
    I am thinking of getting a flash/wowzer media server
    do you have any experience with flash communication server??
    are they very user friendly ie follow the prompt or do you have to have a Phd in C++
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