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    How can i create a template and save it?

    When creating a template in photoshop, what size should the image be? should the whole template be as one image? Also how do I save it as a template? A template that I can open in frontpage and add stuff to the page? Please help! Thanks

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    I'm planning on making a tutorial about this, but in the meantime you might like to check out the templates on this page:

    You'll need to download and unzip the files. They include examples of Photoshop-based web templates, with the original PSD files.

    It's important to note that making a template in Photoshop may or may not be a good idea. As long as you understand that web pages are based on HTML and CSS (not graphics), you should be okay. When designing the template you should have a good idea of how the resulting file will be turned into HTML/CSS.
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    If you're making a template in Photoshop, just save it as a psd file. You'll need to fugure out your own way to turn it into a web page although you can use the splice feature in Image Ready I think. Actually Image Ready does have some sort of "save as html" option but I've never used it. Best to do that part yourself.

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    Making a template in Photoshop is easy when you use image ready. PS has many tutorials on this. You need to get use to using the slice tool. Much of the planning in slicing is table layout. Once you are done with the slicing , image ready will save it and PS can then save it for the Web, it will genterate the code to cut up your images and make the html page. There is a lot of tweaking involved in which areas will not have images and how to make the tables work so they can expand or hold text. Your best bet is to find some templates online so you can see how they are constructed. Dreamweaver works well with templates and has well documented guides in their help section on how to edit ,save and use templates.


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