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    Graphic Designers and web designers..........?

    I'm in college for graphic design right now and i am going to start taking web design classes soon. I would like to know what I can anticipate making. This will not change my goal because that is what I want to do, i just want to know what I have to look forward to. I know what the statistics say, but I want the info from someone who knows.

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    In a nutshell: Anything!

    That's what I love about this industry, the sheer variety of the work available. In my career, I've done everything from real estate signage (yuk), display ads and magazines (I hate print design), to metal pins, websites, and now I'm doing video production & post-production.

    With regards to web design, I've done everything from basic HTML based websites, to huge, data-driven sites and media-rich Flash sites.

    The world, lad, is your oyster.

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    Most web design courses I've seen cover the basics usuing simple templates like business brochure websites. From there you can get more tricky and start making cool stuff but it may be up to you to find out what's possible.

    I think the fun begins when you start using scripts and stuff to make forms, databases, interactive elements, etc.

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    I disagree to our friends;

    as a graphic design student all you should expect to learn is to gain some basic familarity with web technologies and to learn from what point to begin - through what trail to continue. They include the understanding of basic terminology like http, url, html, and use of popular software such as dreamweaver and/or MS frontpage.

    Oh yes, agreeing with my friends here, it is an open ended path .. like anything else.

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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