In case anyone is interested in participating:

SHORTSNONSTOP is a film festival that you can experience anytime or anyplace. It is a showcase of short films produced for mobile and online platforms.

Unlike other film festivals, SHORTSNONSTOP is a year-round online mobile film festival that accepts entries on an ongoing basis, directly at its website –

The running time of films submitted to SHORTSNONSTOP cannot exceed three minutes.

Deadlines are: August 5, 2007; October 5, 2007; December 5, 2007; February 5, 2008; April 5, 2008 and June 5, 2008.

Six times a year, 10 finalists will be selected by our programmers for promotion and distribution on mobile networks in Canada. Our esteemed Jury of industry professionals will select one filmmaker in each prize period to be awarded a cash prize of $1000 (that’s six $1000 prizes in 2007/08.)