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    what is the most powerful computer???

    the hp pc workstations

    or the new high-end macs???

    what is more powerful?

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    Whichever one has better specs.
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    in general

    the basic high end hp workstation vs the high end macs

    their specs are alittle different cuz ones a mac n ones a pc

    whats cheaper for a good qualilty?

    how slow of a processor can you get away with if ur running something like pro-tools with many, prolly 5 vst instruments and 10 vst effects running at a time, without having to bump tracks to save cpu

    or even avid

    wat would be on the cheap end to get away with the most demanding softwares?

    are good macs cheaper? or pc?

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    the HP xw4400 Workstation is $600

    while mac pros are in the $2000

    is there a huge difference?


    what is it that you should look for the most in the specs?

    processor speed?

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    here is what i use.....Look at the right side and click on it and id should come up
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    the link doesnt seem to work

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    I think Kaw's using a Mac Pro, although the link's a timed out message from Apple Store. That's in the USD2500 min range for the basic set (quite a sum, but it's quite a worker!).

    As for PCs, I believe in DIYs...

    From what I have gathered in work, I believe in paying for quality from software to hardware. While I'm at that, the PC will make a cheaper option, and the Apple will be more costly, although you can do great stuff out of either.

    Question I have is: What kind of user are you? (PC/Apple) How much time do you have/can you afford to dabble into new programs/OS?

    That makes most of the difference with regards to my answer to you.

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    ive alrdy got pro-tools with plenty of vsts including the full waves set


    can really use too much of it cuz my comp will sux n freeze

    so i have to do plenty of bumping

    n adding video to that will sux

    i know someone that has avid n someone that has adobe

    so ill get hooked up with one of those

    i need a comp that can handle somethin like that

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    Yeah sorry about that link. I did not know it would time out. i was not signed in under my account so i was unaware that the session would time out. Either way i am using a mac pro and the 2500 dollar computer unfortunately will not run all of the programs in todays film / broadcast world. the G5 i have here was more along the lines of 10k. Yeah i know but i had to have it and it has more then paid for its self
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    With all the additions, 10k is fair enough.

    rackdude, you'll need a PC. Are you going to buy 'branded' (anything that comes constructed eg a HP or something is branded IMO) or do you have computer wiz friends who can whip up a serious machine for you? I suggest you get the best specs as you possibly can with whatever budget you've got. The cheaper (most times), the closer that part is coming to being obsolete...
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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