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    Getting Started In Indie Film

    Im getting started in the indie film thing and i was wondering if there where ne tutorials

    i kinda no how business runs cuz i do record labeling but film is a whole new network

    i was wondering how to get into the network

    our 1st video *crap* was entered into a few festivals because of my friends film program


    get into festivals

    make a cool website

    wat else?

    talk to local movie theaters for viewings?

    how do u get more exposure with video???

    is there any like... cd baby for movies?

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    The fact that there aren't any replies in here makes me laugh.

    Looks like you have most of what you can do covered. I guess this is the kind of thing where you cross your fingers and pray to whatever deities come to mind at the time, and in the end you will either end up living it up or living in a cardboard box (that last one is my aspiration).

    Festivals always seem the way to go, though.

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    Get a proper soundtrack to it that goes with the visuals. Check us out for music.

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    I make music, and I have seen your spamming of the forums plenty.

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    Quote: rackdude
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    I make music, and I have seen your spamming of the forums plenty.
    this is true, however he does make some OK posts
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    i have seen him post... 2wice probubuly...

    but i mean come on... sometimes the topics like...

    how do i make music?

    he answers, ill do it for u.

    Well, that doesn't help much

    Just a blurb, not pissed, but showing of emotion atleast


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