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    Is the xl2 the best sd cam???

    comments please, ive been reading about people loving the xl2 n panasonic


    face to face

    im buying a camera

    is xl2 the way to go?

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    No, the XL2 is not the best SD cam. It may fit your needs the best, but it is not the best. What are you looking for in a camera? Do you plan on using a support system or hand-holding?
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    im looking mostly for quality

    everywhere that we are filming will be staged *cuz its a movie* and everywhere will be ezilly accessable by car so moving equiptment around wont be a problem

    im also looking for quality for budget

    but really tho, my budget is whatever will get it done

    if the xl2 wont work, than my budget is more than the xl2



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    Do you plan on using a support system or hand-holding? Do you plan on having complex shots requiring complex camera motions?
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    its an action movie

    i was talkin to the script writer/director

    there will be some pretty intense camera motions

    i dont believe we will need much of a support system other than a standerd tripod

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    If you are going to have some intense motions that need to be steady, I would suggest a larger, weighted camera, one with a 'shoulder mount' [rubber underneath curves up so it can be placed on your shoulder and shot through].
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    wat cam would u suggest?

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    Disclaimer: I am neither a Panny nor Canon owner, though I've touched them before.

    Here goes. The XL2 does has shoulder mount to go onto your shoulder, but it's not a 'full cup' that goes all the way over your shoulder. I find that it sounds okay for what you want so far...

    As for Panasonic, the AG-DVX100B is great. just that it's a little 'fat' handheld.

    These 2 are fine, all it needs is for yourself to personally test them out, move around, shoot a little with them to see which 'feel' you prefer.
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    From what I have heard, the XL-s are a bit light. That may be suited to your style, it may not. If you have shaky hands like me, heavier = better. I do know some people with rock solid hands who can handhold a 2oz mis-balanced consumer camera and it looks as if you are using a heavy tripod, but they are few and far between. Also be sure that whatever camera you get, you get a tripod and head rated for the weight of the equipment.
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    I personally would suggest any cam other then the XL2 i have a XL1 XL2 and a XLH1 here at the shop and they are all CRAP. i use jvc regularly and would not use anything else really at this point. Cannon makes good lenses, but shitty cameras

    for about the same price you can get a good sony or panasonic camera HD/SD. much better route to take.
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