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    Quote: rackdude
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    I'm trying to achieve that image that looks professional to at least the average eye.
    To the average eye on what sort of playback device?
    im not looking for onboard mics because i got mics covered
    Onboard mics tend to be a convenience, although some of the better cameras have a pushed off shotgun included.
    wtf is a ccd anyways?
    the Charge-coupled Device is the image sensor. For pro-looks, you're going to want a camera that has 3 CCDs (color split) at least 1/4" in size, I'd say go for probably 1/3" or better. (It will be spec'd as 3ccd 1/3" or somesuch)
    and whats the difference in the sonys youve mentioned?
    The DSR-250 is a ENG camera with DVCAM deck onboard. The DSR-200As have DV decks and are more prosumer than professional (and they can't take as much abuse, they don't have the rubberized shoulder mount, etc).
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    professional on a regular tv with a dvd player

    thats the look im tryin 2 get

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    o ya

    is there a like... b&h in so cal/oc to try cameras out?

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    what is your oppinion about the xh-a1?

    it has a shoulder mount and high speed shutter abilities
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    and the hdr-fx7

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    The XH-A1 ( ) is not a shoulder-mountable camera [sure, you can buy a shoulder brace that you can stick it on, but you can do that for any $100 cam]
    Again, I prefer weight, some people don't. If you lack a rock steady hand and anticipate times where you will need to not use a tripod (either due to quick action or due to the feasibility of a small space or the need to get in someone's face), go for something with some weight and a shoulder mount

    Examples of a shoulder-mountable camera:

    Notice the rubberized area that goes over your shoulder and the movable viewfinder in the front.

    Panasonic and Canon make a few angled shoulder mounts like and
    I personally dislike these as they tend to not be weighted as much and tend not to have as much support as the more traditional boxy style.
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    i realize its not high weight, but it looks as though we could tripod most of the shots, if we cant, then we can get a shoulder mount to put on the camera.

    wat im looking at now is, will the xl-a1 be able to handle action shots? I dont think we will have many major panning shots, but we will definatly have some jumps, swift movement, etc.

    will it handle that fine?

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    It isn't a question of if the camera can handle it. It can. The question is if you can and make it seem as smooth as you want.
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    To be honest rackdude, from the other posts, I think you seem quite set on the Canons, perhaps the XL-A1. I trust it'll really be swell now for you to go plan all the kind of shots you're concerned abt, rent one of those Canons, and go try it! Ah, then you'll know the limitations, both the cam, and yourself... and update the folks here as well!

    A great weekend's cheer!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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