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    would u reccomend the HVRA1U
    HVR-Z1U or the HVR-V1U

    whats the difference other than price really???

    xpecially if i plan on distributing in sd for now?

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    I have the HVR-Z1U. Like any camera it has pros and cons, but importantly in your case, I'm not convinced about it's results with high-speed action shots. In my experience it's not the best option for that type of work.

    Overall it's a great camera though.
    Dave Owen

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    I use the JVC-GYDV550U for studio and a Sony DSR-250 for ENG/EFP (as well as two DSR-200As). I like them both (I don't like the 200As, too light and not as high quality), but both may be a bit above your budget. The 200As with a good battery may better suit you. I suggest you go to a place like B&H or a show (large or small [read: NAB or DV expo/videomaker/...]) and check out a few different cameras, play with each a bit, see which you think fits your style the best. Bring a tape or two and see if you can record some footage on each, view them later and compare quality as well.
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    what exactly should i be lookin for in a camera for this application?

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    One that you can control, one that you feel you can hold steady, and one that you feel can get all the shots you want. Note, the answers to all of these may get you 3 or even more cameras. You'll have to prioritize them. Personally, I can't stand something shaky unless there's an artistic reason, so steady is usually my top priority, followed by shots I want, followed by control (walking in is a nice replacement for a poor zoom control)
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    we plan on having it pretty controled


    we are going to tripod prolly all shots

    so that should mean we got control and steady hands

    what camera specs will make a difference in what shots you can get?

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    XL2 is a good all-purpose camera

    I've started using the XL1 in 1998 and currently have two XL2s at my shop. They work for 95% of the projects we produce. Overall, I think they are great cameras for the money. Plus, you can change lenses to fit your creative needs.

    Kris Simmons

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    I have the HVR-V1P (PAL vers.). Excellent so far. If you are thinking abt weight, it's one of the lightest around (1.5kg without batt), so it might not be 'stable' as most (incl yourself) have been advocating as necessary. However if you are mounting it most (if not all the time as you've mentioned), I think it's perfectly fine. In my usage so far, the power consumption is surprisingly good (perhaps due to the CMOS chips, which not everyone likes it)

    Focus response is fair, the issue you may have with Sonys in your case is their zoom. The range (Z1, A1, V1) does not have mechanical zoom rings, so they're a tad 'retarded', if that's the word to use... That's one of the cons I find, and one of my regrets abt them. If you want to have fast action zoom ins-and-outs, I find this range rather unacceptable.

    Difference in price? From the pricest to the least: Z1 (3X1/3"CCD, switchable PAL/NTSC): V1 (3X1/4"CMOS) : A1 (1/3"CMOS). I would not consider the last one unless it's more like a back-up.

    Let me consolidate so far: Queries on Z1 (Dave), V1 (myself), JVC (Kaw), XLs (too many to mention, apologies to the rest of you guys!). I think we can try if you've other brands in mind.

    I must apologise for my crudeness in asking, but [1] what exactly is your budget range, [2] have you tried any of the cameras so far and do you have any preference? I think it's always better for us to know some things you might have already tried/done rather than just asking for our comments. As you can see, our comments can be rather varied and not focused to the issue that you are facing... the more specific, the better

    Steady hands are always a big plus in filming. If you don't have, refrain from handhelds (where possible) and more imptly, don't zoom in too much! Hey, we're back to camera handling fundamentals!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    If you're tripoding it, then it's simply a spec war. Get a larger CCD and make sure that whatever its resolution is specified as, that it is 100% native and not interpolated. I'd shoot DVCAM or better if you can, otherwise DV/miniDV is fine.
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    the only other non-consumer camera ive used is the panasonic dvx

    and i really want some good quality image

    i learned color correction and lighting since then



    im trying to achieve that image that looks professional to atleast the average eye

    for the sound on it

    im not looking for onboard mics because i got mics covered

    my budget is anywhere from $3000-4000, maybe alittle more

    wtf is a ccd anyways?

    and whats the difference in the sonys youve mentioned?

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