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    what is the least megapixels that still looks professional???

    i would just like to hear some takes on this

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    also, the difference between slr and regular

    what can u get away with?

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    I shoot full manual with my SLR (for candids I will use aperture priority exposure on occasion, but usually not). Personally, Film. Digital just can't beat it, and won't be able to until they can make a sensor that senses an equivalent of one pixel to one molecule on the film (note that doing this will require an internal lens set up of some sort and end up with a larger sensor, making it most probable to be too bulky).
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    rackdude: Would you care to explain the meaning of professional in this context?

    To qualify my question, here's an example. The first few DSLRs ranged around 5 megapixels and they were the top of the range, pro cams used by pros. Today on the average, about 10 at least. So did it make the products of the former less pro?
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    im talking about the normal guy

    u walk in with the camera

    take a photo

    and when u print it out


    it looks uber good

    they cant tell its not top of the line

    and mayb i cant either

    but it looks like what pros would use

    thats about the deffinination of professional is in indie america

    as good as the consumers can tell


    what do u think could achieve that?

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    2.1 megapixels with a good small dyesub printer can handle that. I wouldn't say that's very professional though. I can blow up 35mm to fill a wall without pixelation.

    It depends on your target medium and its size.
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    i would shoot with no less the 7mp if you are not a professional with all the tricks and lights
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    max size would probubly be a poster

    not large of a poster

    but kinda a regular size poster *idk demensions, but work with me*

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    Quote: rackdude
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    max size would probubly be a poster
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    would any digital work???

    i was looking at the rebel xt

    would that not work then?

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