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Thread: Which Laptop?

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    Which Laptop?

    hi im thinking of buying a powerfull laptop for audio editing and running DAW applications like cubase 4 any suggesstion for me..any best performance laptop details please

    that would be much appreciated from u all studio engineers..budget is not a problem
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    well, matters how many and what type of effects you are using. If you plan on just using the built in effects of cubase and not many vsti's, any one gig laptop will do perfectly fine. If you plan on doing your mixing and mixdowns on your lap top, you will need ATLEAST 2 gig with a pentium 4 processor, and thats a minimum. I got away with using a one gig pentium 3 desktop for a couple years and that was hell. 2 vsti's with 3 waves compressors and 2 waves eqs and ozone izopote was about all it could handle, so, i had to get one track edited at a time, and then bump, which means, put all of the effects on it, and then export the track with all the effects as a wave file to a new track, and then you dont have to use anymore effects on that track, so then u do the next track bla bla bla. The problem: this is destructive editing. If i found at the vary end that I didn't like the way all the tracks layered, I couldnt juz go back and change the eq settings.

    so, you can get away with it, and id say, if you have a 1 gig kinda standerd inspiron or something already, save your money till you can get a higher end workstation, personally im learning what are the differences in those. Getting some type of a prosumer laptop will just cost too much and not let the full recording abilities take place.

    also, do you plan on changing to pro-tools hd anytime soon?

    that would be a lot better investment, and all the computer chips for the program are on their pci card, so it takes not much cpu from the computer, letting large stations run off of 1 gig desktops. I would say thats the way to go.

    but, if you really WANT a laptop thats good, anything duel core pentium 4 and atleast 2 gig of memory, id say 3 gig would be what ud want

    n u should b able to get lower-end recording probubly 48khz quality with some good decent effects easilly

    but money should be going other places unless you alrdy have better equiptment

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    spend your money on quality converters asap more than anything else, apogee rosetta 800, that will last you for life, get the firewire card for your laptop on the go recording, and the hd card for when u get a pro-tools hd system

    a billion times better than the 003

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    Quote: jatinaria
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    budget is not a problem
    Get a custom job. I saw a nicely spec'd notebook at DV Expo from (note: This is not an endorsement, just an example), other companies do similar things. There's even a few that make high-end luggables with hot swap RAID bays.
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    well im using waves daimond bundle at the moment.

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    ull need atleast a duel core and 3 gig

    waves is vary cpu intensive

    but really

    if budget is not a problem

    go pro tools hd

    for a desktop tho... because its a pci card

    but its the standerd in recording

    all of the cpu power for protools takes place on their card

    so what computer you are running it on doesnt really matter

    n thats the standerd editing program to use

    much better investment than a new laptop

    and atleast a better converter

    id say ud b able to get away without a good laptop at 1st

    because u need a good signal to edit in the first place

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    I use Macs for everything multimedia. In my opinion, they are far superior in how they handle and process audio and video.

    For laptops, I'd say try out a MacBook. Since you're a pro, Logic Pro is an amazing program and does everything that Cubase 4, Waves, and ProTools can all in one. With the Intel processors and the new operating system, switching over to windows programs is no problem.

    No, I'm not an Apple salesman.

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    even if u use logic, ud still have 2 use waves.

    its a shame when ppl say that the effects that come with the sequencers are good enough to pull everything off, the reason y pro tools is the most widely used is because its the only sequencer that can use the tdm and rtas plug-ins, so you cant use many of the pro tools effects on cubase, logic, etc.

    In general, all cubase, logic, and pro-tools come with the effects to do everything, just not good enough effects.

    So, going to a mac because of logic is not logical, because the only reason why its good is because it can use good AU plug-ins, so unless you got some great AU's or you already have a great mac, go pc and go cubase 4.

    Really, Pro-tools HD is the answer. thats what studios use, but it costs a lot. It's the best thing to learn rite now.


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